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Windows Reseller Hosting - Advantages of Reseller Hosting

clock January 31, 2013 08:41 by author andy_yo

If you plan to start your own hosting company, or you are just looking for a large site that can handle all of your needs, a reseller hosting package may be the answer. There are several advantages that you will have by selecting this option, which we will detail below.


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More Room to Grow - If you have a large website, a lot of traffic or you need several sites for your business, a reseller package will allow you to pay one monthly fee instead of several, and it can provide a larger amount of features and space for your company. Many companies prefer to run different segments of their sites with different urls and different servers, which can become quite expensive. If you have a reseller plan, you can simply allocate different amounts of space for all of your needed solutions instead of having to purchase additional hosting plans.

More Features - Reseller accounts will typically include a greater amount of features than basic hosting plans. Your control panel for administering your website will normally be more powerful and allow you to manage your site very effectively. Many companies offer unlimited SSL certificates with a reseller account, as well as access to features such as Cpanel, a powerful site control panel that is only offered to companies that use a reseller or dedicated hosting plan.

No Maintenance - Instead of purchasing your own server for your company, a reselling plan is very similar to having your own dedicated server with one important difference. You won’t be the one having to worry about complicated server issues if something should go wrong. Having a technical support department that is well versed in fixing these problems is a very helpful aspect of having a reseller hosting package.

Less Expense - Instead of having to purchase a dedicated server, a reseller hosting plan allows you to take advantage of many similar features without the added cost. Most reseller plans are extremely low priced when compared to dedicated solutions, leaving your business with more financial resources for other areas of your site. As we mentioned earlier, if you need to have several sites running at the same time, it is much cheaper to have a reseller plan than several hosting plans at once.

More Control - If you like being able to manage all the aspects of your website, a reseller package will typically offer you the ability to micromanage your site. You will basically have access to many features that allow you to control disk space usage, bandwidth limits and other important areas that come with running your own website.

Income - If you find that you are not using all of your reseller space, or if you are running a webhosting company, you can make money by reselling space on your site. For businesses looking to increase their revenue, this is a great way to have your site pay for itself and still provide you with the space you need.



Windows Reseller Hosting - ASPHostPortal :: Why Choose Windows than Linux Hosting?

clock January 22, 2013 08:32 by author Jervis

The web hosting market is a very lucrative one as more and more web sites appear that need reliable and affordable hosting. Therefore, the reselling hosting business is a good opportunity too many people who requires a business running under their name and reseller hosting is the most simple platform to start an online business.

There are two main types of reseller hosting you can choose: Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting. Both of these have their advantages but Windows reseller hosting has features which are flexible and possesses clear advantages over the popular Linux reseller hosting accounts.

Windows reseller hosting supports different Microsoft web technologies to create interactive web pages and most of the webmaster can offer windows reseller hosting with their hosting packages to earn good amount. However, in order to make an informed decision, you should be aware of the disadvantages too. They are also presented in the lines below: Windows reseller hosting is a better solution when it comes to growing businesses as it has better scalability. Many applications run better on Windows than on Linux. Also, applications such as Visual Basic or .Net, AJAX only run with Windows web hosting.

There are many features and applications of Windows that makes it the better reseller hosting solution. Technologies such as ASP or Dot Net, SQL, Active Sync, Access, Microsoft’s Exchange and others run better with Windows or run only with Windows. Therefore, you will have an edge by using these technologies. This is why Windows reseller hosting is becoming more and more popular every year.

The business of Windows reseller hosting is a great opportunity for new developers. This is because the latest Windows technologies are great and they can be used for attracting more online businesses. Nowadays, Windows hosting services are seen as the best option and therefore, offering them can be a great edge over your competitors.

The great advantages of Windows reseller hosting are easier management, scalability, great features and technology and keeping pace with the needs and technologies in the web hosting domain.

It also has some disadvantages as well that you will lose your customer if you don’t have quality support or cost effective hosting packages with guarantee to solve nay issues at any point of time. It is more expensive when compared to Linux because the programs need license and it is considered less stable than Linux.

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