Plesk is a server panel hosting that gives you the ease of managing your web hosting account with a relatively low cost. Plesk administrator facilitates hosting customers to manage their hosting service where customers can use the website to know the number, and email traffic that has been used. In addition plesk also allow you to manage hundreds even thousands of virtual hosts in one machine.

Many of the benefits you can get by using Plesk Panel on a reseller hosting include :

  • Easy To Use
    Plesk is very easy to use because it has the features and functionality that reflects icon.
  • Easily create FTP account
    you just need to click the button "create client" and see the result.
  • Easily upload and manage files
    many ways that you can use to upload your files to the website, one of her use FileZilla is compatible with Plesk.
  • Easily create, manage, backup and restore the database
    all the conveniences that only exist in Plesk.
  • Easily create and manage mail
    without having to bother you can instantly create an email account and start running your business.
  • the Anonymous FTP
    allows your customer does not know that you are a reseller.
  • the Web Usage Statistics and Traffic
    allows you to know your website traffic.
  • Application Vault
    Plesk includes a new customizable repository of site applications with the ability to add, deploy, configure and remove applications for any domain on the system (CMS, forums, counters, chat software) with one click.

The Plesk Control Panel is a very advanced control panel that should meet most, if not all, of your web hosting needs. It does cost more than most other control panels but it could be a great investment to have an easy-to-use, powerful interface. support Plesk Panel
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