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Windows Cloud Hosting - ASPHostPortal :: Ideas to Select A Great Windows Cloud Hosting Providers

clock October 22, 2014 06:15 by author ben

Windows Cloud hosting has surely redefined the web hosting market. There are a number of advantages of making use of cloud providers, that makes it an extremely intriguing services. It not just assists in reducing components expenses, however it also provides excellent processing velocity and nominal downtime to customers. An additional reward that comes with this kind of internet hosting is that it provides the user using the capacity to control sudden spikes in web site visitors.

There are several aspects that must be very carefully assessed when pondering of selecting a web internet hosting supplier. But when it will come right down to picking a Windows Cloud hosting service providers, making a wrong variety can be quite frustrating and expensive. Here are particular guidelines that a single should stick to although selecting an excellent cloud web hosting business:

  1. Understand your specifications
    You as a user should have clear vision of what you want to achieve from your cloud server internet hosting. You'll by no means need to invest your useful time and money to later on realize that your cloud answer is of no use and also you could have managed with shared web hosting. Produce a checklist and only then commence your quest for a cloud web hosting supplier.
  2. Evaluation period of time
    When picking a cloud services provider make sure you use a free demo version. This may help you in ascertaining whether or not the cloud hosting company you are looking for to decide on is well worth considering or not.
  3. Help
    It really is always recommended to select an internet hosting company that provides total support to its consumers. If you get trapped although making your own personal server, it's usually great to possess a person to drop back onto. Make sure your cloud support company offers 24/7 help.
  4. Load balance
    This really is among the most vital elements of cloud server internet hosting. You'll need to ensure that your cloud service supplier gives full backup of server if 1 server goes down. The load balancer will help in redirecting the person for the up coming active server.
  5. Scale up
    Cloud companies permit you to scale your server capability as and when required. You like a user have to make that your host ought to have the opportunity to assist you with any unexpected spike in site visitors. You just must make sure to assessment it carefully and never get carried away.
  6. Security
    Security is additionally among the most crucial facets of hosting. Make sure your hosting solutions company offers you with full safety as well as tends to make sure there are no safety breaches. Proudly Announces Cheap Windows Cloud Server Hosting

clock May 5, 2014 13:26 by author Kenny

-- Highly affordable Windows Cloud Server, Provisioned in just 5-10 minutes Start from $18.00/month! --, a leading Windows web hosting provider, proudly announces the most affordable Windows Dedicated Cloud Server. With Windows Dedicated Cloud Server Services from, you’ll find the perfect Cloud Server solution for your business. Web pages will load faster for ecommerce customers, databases will get higher IOPS and applications streaming large volumes of video and media files will experience low latency when customers run their applications. With cloud servers, you have the ability to upgrade and downgrade your servers on the fly. In some cases depending on the Operating System running on the cloud server it may still require a reboot. Migrating your cloud server to a different physical server can usually be accomplished with no downtime via hot migration. offer Windows Dedicated Cloud Server with the following features:

  • Windows 2008R2/2012
  • Data Center OS Version
  • 1 x vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GB Storage (SSD)
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1000 Mbps Connection
  • 1 Static IP
  • SAN Storage

"An scalable and flexible cloud servers account costs $18.00 per month and gives you 40 GB Storage (SSD), SSD might make the server boot faster, it is now up to 100 times faster than a hard drive" said Dean Thomas, Manager at

Cloud hosting systems are run on systems with very powerful processors with SAN Storage which is typically faster for most applications.  A storage area network can be easier to manage than other storage systems. By consolidating information into one easily accessible place, it becomes easier to access information while also making it simple to increase capacity as and when required.

Windows Cloud server probably holds the best stability / cost ratio performance. They do not suffer from the usual server hardware problems and they have all Cloud computing, benefits, i.e. they are stable, fast and secure.

Where to look for the best Windows cloud server service? How to know more about the different types of hosting services? Read more about it on

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