Build a Profitable Web Hosting Business with ASPHostPortal Reseller Hosting

Every type of website on the Internet has something in common. E-commerce giants like Amazon, hobby sites about scrap booking, political blogs, online gaming sites, and just about any other website you can think of, has one thing in common – they all need web hosting. With such a tremendous need for web hosting services, you have endless opportunities to generate more revenue and higher profits if you decide to start your own business as a web hosting reseller.


Reseller web hosting is a low-cost way to start a business in the hosting industry. Reseller hosting plan gives you what you need to set up your own web hosting company and start generating more income and revenue. This article explores reseller hosting, what you need to begin your web hosting business, the best reseller hosting practices, and the benefits and responsibilities of web hosting resellers.

What is reseller hosting?

Web hosting reseller hosting plans are hosting plans that give you access to administrative functions in your web hosting account to create accounts you can sell to your customers or existing clients. As a web site domain hosting reseller you subdivide your reseller account into end user accounts, design web hosting packages for your customers, bill your customers, and provide web hosting support services.

Web hosting resellers provide web hosting services and individualized plans to their customers without having to own their own servers, rent data center space, and manage their hardware. In addition to server maintenance and all network issues, the web hosting reseller plan provider takes care of these tasks so the web hosting reseller can focus on customer-centered tasks.

What knowledge and resources do you need to start a reseller hosting business?

The most important resource for starting any business is a positive attitude. In order to provide the hosting services your customers need, it is useful to have some knowledge of web hosting. You have access to your reseller web hosting provider’s support services, but it may not be convenient to contact them for fulfilling your customers’ more routine needs.

Knowledge of computers, Internet, and connectivity add to the level of service you can provide your customers without having to contact the web hosting company providing the reseller hosting plans to you. Knowledge of marketing will help you reach potential customers and increase profits. An important resource for your reseller web hosting business is an organized way to keep track of expenses and profits. You also need a control panel that is simple to use and gives you the ability to perform both administrative tasks and manage customers easily and quickly.

As a web hosting reseller, you will quickly learn what you need in order to provide the highest level of service to your web hosting customers. Whether you are just starting out or have extensive experience in the hosting industry, a web hosting reseller account is the best way to start an online business, especially for those companies and organizations that want to add web hosting as a value-added resource to their existing customers and clients. For example, web designers, web developers, and anyone who provides services that can help people build an Internet presence are perfect candidates for reseller web hosting services.

Hosting reseller benefits and responsibilities

Reseller web hosting business offering online hosting to your customers has many benefits including the following:

  • Ongoing revenue – Customers need web hosting at all times and will keep paying your hosting fees every month for ongoing revenue.
  • Large number of potential customers – Everyone who has a website needs web hosting, so why not let them use your web hosting services.
  • Easy to differentiate – Find a niche where there is low competition and dominate that market and watch your business grow month after month.
  • Customize hosting to your customers’ needs – Reseller web hosting accounts contain many features not available in shared hosting accounts, so you can offer your customers more specialized hosting than other reseller hosting companies.

The best web hosting reseller programs give you many web hosting tools and take care of the more technical responsibilities of a web hosting provider. However, as a business owner, you have a few responsibilities of your own:

  • Marketing and sales – Web hosting resellers find customers and sell them web hosting services to fit their exact needs.
  • Billing – You are in charge of the monetary aspects of your web hosting reseller business.
  • Client support – Customers contact you for technical support and do not contact your reseller hosting provider directly.
  • Ongoing fees – Pay the same fees for your reseller account even when first starting out and building your customer base.

ASPHostPortal reseller hosting gives you control over your reseller business

ASPHostPortal offers affordable reseller web hosting with options for different types of web hosting resellers. Choose the web hosting reseller plan that best serves your present level of business. The tools for your reseller account and for offering your customers individualized hosting services include free client management and billing software, free site building tools and templates, and domain name reseller account.

With Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel you can create unlimited hosting accounts with the resources and features you specify. The Certified Hosting support team is available for all your reseller hosting questions 24-7-365 so you can provide thorough, timely support to your customers. ASPHostPortal Hosting gives you – and your customers –99.9% uptime backed by high quality servers in secure, reliable data centers.
ASPHostPortal reseller hosting offers several reseller hosting plans you can choose including a Power Reseller Server, ideal for hosting resellers who want to maximize their web host reseller business and earn additional profits. With all ASPHostportal reseller hosting accounts, you get domains, sub domains, unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, and many other features designed to enhance your web hosting reseller experience and help you earn more money, faster.