Web hosting resellers are now making their big switch from Linux to windows reseller hosting. There is no doubt about the fact that till date, Linux has been the most popular solution for hosting but Windows offer a host of advantages and that is the reason why resellers are making their big switch to windows hosting. This switch has not only proved productive for resellers but also for users as well.


For resellers, the windows reseller hosting offers all in one hosting solution and in such a case you don't have to host multiple accounts to keep a tab on the number of users that you have. In windows hosting, clients are not spread over different control panels as it is the case in Linux. Since in Linux, clients are spread over different control panels it becomes very important for resellers to keep a tab on the clients. But in windows this is not required and it saves time and money as well.

But still with windows hosting you can run different applications, no matter what language they might be written in. So it helps you to run a website based on PHP and MySQL adjacent to the other one that might be running on ASP.Net SQL. The best thing about windows hosting is that all applications run on the same server and that too on the same control panel and this makes the task easier for you.

With windows hosting, you can take the help of powerful applications like the ASP.Net and ASP to create different applications for the web. These features are not available on the cheap Linux reseller hosting. The ASP.Net and ASP in the windows reseller hosting enables you to run efficient and popular content management system.

Another interesting feature if windows reseller hosting is that it is generally compatible with all the latest technology and you can add them easily in your portfolio. From Exchange 2007 to Windows Mobile and the latest ActiveSync, all applications run smoothly on windows reseller hosting. Besides all these, Push Technology and SharePoint also work effectively and these services can boost your business of hosting platform.

On windows reseller hosting platform, it has been seem that the SQL server, which is a data management product of Microsoft, has also worked extremely well and is also reliable software in fixing complicated solutions. The control panel of windows reseller hosting is a basically clustered and it uses the technology of Active Directory, which is also a product of Microsoft.

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