Web hosting is definitely one of the fastest growing industries known to mankind. No matter what economy we are in, this industry only know how to move one direction and that is up. This is due the internet expanding exponentially. As long as this trend continues, more and more website will be registered every single day. There was a time when we had to have thousands of dollars in order to start a web hosting company of your own but this situation is entirely different now with the emergence of reseller hosting. With reseller hosting, you won't even need any technical knowledge because all you need to know is how to allocate the resources of your server. After allocating them, all you need to do is to find customers to sign up hosting accounts with you. This will be easy because the need of hosting a website is needed everywhere in the world.

Hosting resellers on the internet usually associate their reseller hosting business with some other business that they are doing. One good example would be a web designing firm. Instead of only providing web designing services, they take one step further in providing hosting services as well. It is the perfect thing for them because they need to host their own websites in order to show customers their designs and use the available resources that they have left for their reseller hosting business. This allows them to provide a one stop solution for their customers. With this, they can have a residual income as well. This is definitely something that they can add to their business.

As a reseller, you are actually the web hosting provider to your clients. You can do whatever you want with the resource that you have in your server. You can set the disk space, bandwidth and so on according to what you want. You can determine the size of the hosting as you like to cater to all sorts of customers out there. The price, profit margin and features are all under your control. In addition, you can also create your own hosting brand when you rename the hosting packages that you get from your hosting company. There is no way for your clients to know that you are actually a reseller. With your own logo, you can bring your brand to a next level.

Nowadays, you can even re-design the entire control panel of your hosting. This way, your client will be even more convinced that you are running a top-notch web hosting company. Yu can have your logo in the control panel and change how it looks to make it different from the parent hosting company's control panel. Not only it can be better looking, it adds more professionalism as well. Appearance is a very important thing in the online business world and you must be able to excel in this field. With your number of customers increasing each month, you will be able to make money on auto-pilot creating a bigger residual income in the long run.