We would like to forget about work and just enjoy our vacation when we are away on holiday. But that is not always true, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses which constantly need to be monitored at least online if not physically. With the advent of email and websites, businessmen can be connected with business happenings at all times and respond to queries, calls, support requests and sales inquiries from anywhere in the world. This article studies the most common issues a web hosting account holder has to deal with during the holiday season. When you get back from your vacation, you are sure to recognise at least a few of them.

Email Addresses Full

This is one of the most common issues which people need to face when they are on vacation. Most people remember to send out vacation reminders or responders or even forward mail to their colleagues, but sometimes it slips your mind when you are in the holiday mood and in a hurry. Since most people download their mail into outlook or any mail client, they assume that their server space is adequate and rarely bother to check how much space is being used on the mail server. The mail server may have sufficient space for storing mails overnight or for a couple of days till they are downloaded again. But if you are on holiday and haven't checked or deleted your mails for a long time, then your account is sure to exceed its quota and bounce any more mails that come in.

Account Disk Space Full

Just like getting your email accounts full, another issue is overshooting the overall disk space of your hosting account. This maybe due to several reasons, including excessive email, comments on the website, mailing list messages pending moderation and several such unattended tasks which have been pending due to the vacations. After email accounts, it is the overall account which gets full. Planning an upgrade or clearing up space in advance can be helpful and prevent a lot of hassles when you are back from an enjoyable vacation.

Problematic Auto-Responders

Another issue which email accounts may face is a lot of spam. Spammers send mail randomly to check if people buy into their scam or products. If someone replies to their mail, they are sure that their mailling list is active and the email address they sent to is currently in use. Auto-responders blindly send out automated replies to every email address that sends a mail. This means that spammers will immediately know that the email address is active and being used and they can mark that email address as confirmed. This is a major disadvantage of setting up auto responders. May a times Auto Responders are sent out multiple times to senders and this can affect automated systems. A loop can also be created by certain corporate auto responder systems. For example if your bank sends you a statement on your email address and you have setup an auto responder on it, and the auto reply is sent to the banks outbound automated email address, then that email will also bounce. Both the emails will keep bouncing and will go into an infinite loop of bounces, causing both systems to be affected.

Mailing List Chaos

Mailing Lists and mailing groups are quite significantly affected during vacation season. This is mainly due to the above reasons i.e. mails bouncing because people exceeded their quota or because of auto responders which trigger a reply to the whole group. Modern mailing list systems have mechanisms to ensure that the automated replies are filtered out and not sent back to the group, else a loop of mails could be created.

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