How to Become a Successful Server Hosting Reseller

Server hosting reseller market is known as one of the easiest & best niches to penetrate in the hosting enclosure. Dedicate Server reseller enhance their business by giving services & support as well as leased infrastructure provided by another (typically larger) hosting company.
In this blog, we will discuss a list of tips for anyone interested in starting or growing a server hosting reseller business…these are tried and true keys to success in reselling server hosting.

  • Pick a good Organization – at the end of the day, the reliability, scalability, and range of products and services you can offer as a reseller will be limited (or unlimited) based on the products and services offered by your hosting partner.
  • Discriminate – in a hyper-competitive market, you need a way to stand apart.  Whether it’s through custom apps or control panel modules that you deliver to your customers or through some other advantage, find ways to be different and better.
  • Be available always – the surest way to lose hosting business is to not be responsive or available when your customers need you most.
  • Support–Customers join a business partner that is customer friendly, listening, technically capable, and always ready to help.
  • Honor commitments – be very clear in your contracts and agreements and always stick to what you’ve promised.
  • Don’t over-commit – a challenge of numerous small business is "taking on more than they can realistically handle". Know your limits of confinement and don't make all clients endure on the grounds that you've overcommitted your company.
  • Stay current – As a reseller, you're a trusted specialized asset to your clients so put time and vitality in knowing the most recent advances and programming redesigns.
  • Focus on a target audience – focus your promoting endeavors and item offerings on a particular group of onlookers (engineers, little business, corporate IT, and so forth.) and don't attempt to be all things to all individuals.
  • Automate back-office processes – the more you can automate enrollment and charging, the more versatile your business will be and the more you can concentrate on clients, rather than paperwork.
  • Always be selling /closing – Don’t neglect your sales efforts as your business begins to grow.