Why choose ASPHostPortal  reseller hosting solution

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller plan gives you the opportunity to start your own hosting company. It also gives you a control panel called WHM which stands for Web host manager?
ASPHostPortal.com Reseller packages are your answer to start your own web hosting company with no worries. ASPHostPortal provides reseller packages with many features including the award leading control panel PleskPanel, Free Billing System to use for you're company. Top notch 24/7 support to help you go through you're business setup. With our reseller plans you can create unlimited cpanel accounts and host unlimited domains. With our reseller packages you won't have to worry about server management, security, or performance of server, leave that to us.

In these tough economic times, your small business could benefit from extra revenue-generating activities offered by leading hosting companies, including reseller hosting which is built upon cloud hosting technology.
Here are five benefits attached to a reseller hosting account with ASPHostPortal:

The power of choice

You can choose between several packages, including a basic entry-level account that offers a wide range of options with regards to your server firepower including CPU, RAM and storage. Plans may range from $24 per month for Reseller 10 plans packages up to $72 per month for more heavyweight configurations.

Free Setup

All plans available under the Reseller program include FREE setup. This means you minimize your entry costs and also gain the power of automation and white-label branding for all professional web hosting services.

Free Backups

All reseller hosting packages offer free backups for all VPS data pertaining to a website.  This is done on a weekly and monthly basis.

Cloud Power

The infrastructure that you will be tapping into for reseller hosting is built upon the rock-solid ASPHostPortal cloud platforms. A cloud platform allows hosting companies (and you) to offer scalable resources with utility pricing models. This means a small business website can scale RAM, CPU and storage to fit their individual needs.

Best Support

Round the clock IT and server support is not just desirable, it’s critical. ASPHostPortal Administrators patrol your servers on a 24/7/365 basis to ensure your data is safe and secure. This is offered FREE of charge on all ASPHostPortal server packages.

Take a look at these Reseller 10 plans, Reseller 20 plans, Reseller 30 plans and Reseller 40 plans hosting packages to see which configuration matches your business profile. A reseller hosting package is a great way to expand your list of services under a white-label service.
It’s easy to set up and manage plus, it gives the power to earn extra cash and improve your credibility in a crowded marketplace.